The first ever Tumblr Thor Week is coming soon and we have our official (but in no way exclusive) list of prompts! It’s time to show your love for our favorite thunder god!

The prompts listed will give you a starting point for themed posts for that specific day, but all Thor related posts are welcomed!

Days and their corresponding tags:

  • January 6th - Why are you a Thor fan and/or What draws you to Thor
    [tag: entry: thor fans]
  • January 7th - Family relationships and/or Favorite scenes
    [tag: entry: scenes]
  • January 8th - Thor’s costumes
    [tag: entry: thor’s costumes]
  • January 9th - Thor controlling the weather and/or Mjolnir moments
    [tag: entry: weather god]
  • January 10th - Ships and Solo nsfw Thor
    [tag: entry: ship day]
  • January 11th - Thor’s smiles
    [tag: entry: smiling god]
  • January 12th - Thor as a leader and/or king
    [tag: entry: thor as king]

The tags help us see what posts you intend for us to reblog for what day. And please make sure to tag all posts you make regarding Thor Week as “Thor Week" before any other tags. We will be sure to see them this way.

Entries can include fanart, cosplay, fanfic, fan videos, graphic edits and gifs!

If you’d like to submit posts directly to us, or have any questions, please do so here!

This is a week dedicated to Thor, so please be respectful and courteous to others and do not spread hate, or repost other people’s hard work! Let’s spread some Thor love!

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    thor week starts like today/tomorrow depending on your time. i am excited for these posts.
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